February 2014: Still Motivated & New Service Announcement

Studies show that most people that begin speaking so enthusiastically the last two weeks of the year are already off track by  the second month of the year. Make this new year just what its meant to be, A New You. Starting in 2014, Blueprint To Success has launched our new entity BTS Kids and a new service… Beginner Piano! At this time, Blueprint To Success is checking in on you and here to offer an exclusive deal to continue to motivate you throughout your journey. Pick any of our Blueprint To Success services including Recording, Brass, Piano, Spanish or Music Theory Lessons and receive discounted Groupon pricing for a limited time! Blueprint To Success partners with Groupon as Atlanta’s Deal of the Day to continue to motivate you throughout 2014! Lets Keep #Werking!

Visit our Groupon, Atlanta Deal of the Day ad here:


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