Spring Forward….. Into Some Music w/ BTS! #SFIM

spring20forward12   BTS is proud to announce our “Spring Forward Into Music” campaign with the unveiling of our Groupon for Spanish, Audio Production, Music Theory, Brass, Woodwind, And Piano Lessons! BTS allows for any woman, man, or child to take themselves seriously and enjoy a discounted introductory rate. With options beginning as low as $54, enjoy either one or two months of lessons with Blueprint To Success and change your life today!

#SFIM Contest!

Enter to win a free lesson of your choice Just by using the hashtag #SFIM, you’ll enter in the chance to win a free lesson of your choice @ Blueprint To Success Studios. Every Friday for the entire month of April a winner will be announced! Tag @OneBTS on Facebook or @One_BTS on Twitter to enter to win! Best of luck to you all, BTS looks forward to constructing the dimensions of your dreams